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You don’t have to be a tech expert to use our convenient banking technology. Bank for free, wherever you are, 24/7.

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Banking and paying bills from the comfort of your home is easy and safe with online banking and our Payment Hub. Plus, it's completely free, so you save time and money.

  • Fast, free and easy to use
  • Helps you save time and money
  • Access accounts 24/7 with an internet connection
  • Securely encrypted for your safety
  • With online bill pay you can:
    • Pay bills faster and safer
    • Save money on postage stamps
    • Simplify and streamline bill management
    • Set up payments in advance or recurring payments
    • Sign up for e-Bills to get your monthly bills electronically 

Read the Terms and Conditions for online banking.

Read the Terms and Conditions for online bill pay. 

How to Access Your Account

To access your account online for the first time:

  • Use your account number and 4-digit Phone Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Once you log in, you will select a new User ID and stronger password and set up your account security.
  • There is no charge to use Online Banking.

If you do not remember your PIN:

  • Please visit your local branch to set one up.
  • If you are unable to visit a branch, please call us at (636) 537-4473 or 888-251-4310 and we can send you one by postal mail.

To obtain web access to your accounts:

  • You must use a supported browser such as the latest version of Google Chrome, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (for Mac users only).  Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser.
  • If you have questions on whether your operating system or browser are supported, please call us at (636) 537-4473.

Payment Hub Demo and eBill Enrollment

Take a look at our Payment Hub demo below to see how to send payments and enroll in eBills. 

Put a First Community branch in your pocket today! You’ll experience all the benefits of online banking, but on the go. Use it with your mobile device for one-touch access to your most important banking activities. 

If you’re enrolled in online banking, you have immediate automatic access to mobile banking. There's no registration process, just sign in the same way you do online. And best of all, it's free! 

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  • Free service for our members
  • Stay on top of your finances 24/7
  • Same features and login as online banking
  • Check up-to-the-minute balances
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Pay and manage bills
  • Find branch and ATM locations using Google Maps
  • Contact us when you need to
  • Use with any mobile device
  • Access with downloadable app, mobile browser, or SMS/Text
  • Download app for iOS
  • Download app for Android
  • Download app from Amazon Marketplace 


Card Controls is a way to monitor your First Community debit and credit cards, and is located within the First Community app and online banking.

  • Receive and act in real time with instant alerts
  • Turn cards on/off instantly
  • Restrict purchase types by merchant or transaction type
  • Set spend limits

Learn more about Card Controls below or check out our FAQ


Card Controls eliminates the need for a separate app to manage your card alerts and delivery preferences. Everything is controlled from the security and familiarity of the First Community app. Quickly and easily bounce between Card Controls and all the other great features in our mobile banking app.

New Feature

We’ve added the ability for users to manage both your First Community debit AND credit cards. 

Get Started

Login to the First Community app, go to Card Controls under the More menu, and begin setting up all your card preferences. 

Don’t Have Our App?

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it now from the Apple Store® or Google Play™ so you can see why our app is consistently a top-rated financial services app. Once it’s installed, follow the instructions above.

Using a Desktop?

We’ve added the Card Controls feature to our desktop Online Banking suite as well. Find it on under the Additional Services menu after you login.   


Check out our FAQ, and if you still can’t find the answer call us at 636-728-3333 to speak with a Resource Specialist. 

Card Controls Terms and Conditions

SavvyMoney Credit Score (aka Credit Score) is now available through online and mobile banking. Credit Score is a free service offered to help you understand your current credit score, give access to your full credit report, provide credit monitoring alerts, simulate and learn ways to improve your score, and see ways you can save money on new and existing loans with us.

Sign up for Credit Score in Online Banking by clicking on 'Manage Money' then 'Credit Score.' In our app select 'More' at the bottom of your device, then 'Credit Score' at the top of the screen.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ

Sign up to receive your statements electronically instead of in the mail. Paperless statements are convenient, easy to access, and free for our members. Your account information will arrive electronically every month, quickly and safely! 

  • Free and easier to manage
  • Faster than statements by mail
  • Safe, secure and easy to read
  • Eliminates paper filing
  • Access past statements online
  • Download and/or print them in a few clicks
  • Reduce chance of identity theft
  • Save a few trees and a little postage by completing this brief Enrollment Form
  • Once you sign up, you can see your E-Statements anytime!

See our E-Statement FAQ.

Read our E-Statement disclosure.

With our new Money Management platform, you can view your entire financial picture within your online banking experience. This area combines the best of financial management applications, creating a powerful hub to help you navigate your financial future. 

Manage all of your accounts in one convenient place. You can track spending, create budgets, set goals and so much more — all free of charge. Log in, sign up and get started today. 

Money Management features (PDF)

Updates to our digital finance platforms (PDF)

Money Management Terms & Conditions

Your First Community debit and credit cards are available within a variety of Mobile Wallets. Use them to pay at participating merchants without swiping your card, and within apps without entering payment and contact information.

Don't have a First Community checking account with a debit card? Learn more about our debit card.

Don't have a First Community Credit Card? Learn more about our personal credit cards.

For additional information about Apple Pay and how to add your cards, view our Apple Pay FAQ (PDF).