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Minimize the complications of running a larger business with checking that automates reporting and streamlines accounting.

Key Features

  • Automated Reporting
  • Monthly Earnings Credit
  • Unlimited ACH Transactions
  • Free Online Banking
  • Designed for companies with a large transaction volume
  • Fully-automated reporting
  • Streamlines accounting and reduces errors
  • Receive a monthly earnings credit based on balance
  • Earnings credit may offset or minimize the $15 monthly maintenance fee
  • Per-item fees (can be offset by earnings credit):
    • 10¢ fee per draft check cleared
    • 12¢ fee per deposited check
    • 5¢ fee per deposit
  • Unlimited business debit card transactions
  • Unlimited ACH transactions
  • Free cash deposit up to $50,000 (5¢ fee per $100 over $50,000)
  • Free online banking and E-Statements
  • Free debit card
  • Free telephone banking
  • Free Bill pay 
  • Surcharge-free ATMs available

Card Controls

Use Card Controls on your First Community Business debit and credit cards to receive real-time alerts any time your card is used, letting you know immediately if there are unauthorized purchases on your card. 

Ready to Open an Account?

We make it easy! See the applicable PDF below to ensure you have every document necessary to open an account.