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It’s so helpful to have the funds you need, when you need them. Choose the Visa® that’s right for you.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Anytime Funds
  • No Annual Fees
  • Local Service

Benefits of a First Community Credit Card

  • Competitively low APRs
  • No annual fees
  • Make purchases anytime, anywhere
  • Three great cards to choose from:
  • A number of benefits available, specific to each card:
    • Travel rewards
    • Travel/accident insurance
    • Choose your own rewards
    • Visa Platinum Preferred rewards can be redeemed here
      • Rewards cannot be redeemed for gift cards
  • Establish or re-establish credit history
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Manage your credit card account through online banking 

Card Controls

Use Card Controls on your First Community debit and credit cards to receive real-time alerts any time your card is used, letting you know immediately if there are unauthorized purchases on your card. 

Online Credit Card Payment Address

Please send all credit card payments to PO Box 37035 Boone, IA 50037-0035.  If you have automatic payments set through us or any other financial institution to make payments to our credit cards, please make sure you are using the correct payment address.  

Forms and Disclosures