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What is a Picture Card?

A Picture Card is an open Visa debit card, which displays a photo of the member's choice on the face of the card.

Who may request a Picture Card?

Any member of First Community with an open Visa debit card may request a Picture Card. 

Can I get a Picture Card on my ATM card or Credit Card?

No, Picture Cards are currently available on Visa debit cards only. 

Can I get a Picture Card on my MasterCard?

No, Picture Cards are currently available on Visa debit cards only.

How do I get a Picture Card?

Simply click the "Create Your Picture Card" button. You will then be given full instructions on how to order the card. 

How much does a Picture Card cost?

Your first picture card is free. Replacements are $5 per card. The fee will be deducted from your checking account. 

Can I have a different card design than my joint cardholder?

Yes. Both primary and joint owners on the account can request a Picture Card. The images can be different on each card. 

How often can I change my card design?

You can change your card design as often as you want for a fee of $5. 

Do I need any special equipment to order the card?

You just need a computer with access to the Internet. 

How do I submit the picture? In what format should it be sent?

You will be given step-by-step instructions when you click the "Create Your Picture Card" button. Images must be submitted in a .JPG format. 

What if I can't send the photo electronically, can I send a hardcopy?

No, photos can only be created through submission of the image in the .JPG format.

How do I know if my image has been approved?

Every submitted image is reviewed for compliance and must also follow the Terms and Use conditions. Once your image is approved, production can take up to 2-3 business days from the time your photograph is submitted. The card is mailed to you, and you will receive it within 7 -10 business days.

What will happen if my image is denied?

An image will be rejected if it violates the Image Rules and Restrictions. If this occurs, an email will be sent and the option to submit a new image will be provided. The service may be revoked from any member who continually submits images that violate the Image Rules and Restrictions. 

When I activate my Picture Card will my existing card be deactivated?

Yes, at the time your Picture Card is activated, your existing card will be deactivated. For security reasons, your existing card should be destroyed immediately. 

Will my Picture Card have a new card number?

In most cases your Picture Card will retain the same card number but will have a different expiration date. Be sure to update your billing information with any merchants you have set up to automatically debit your debit card. 

Will my Picture Card have the same Personal Identification Number (PIN) as my existing card?

Yes, you will continue to use your current PIN with your Picture Card. 

When I receive my renewal card, will it still have my personalized image?

No. Upon expiration of the card, all reissued cards will have the Credit Union standard card design. If you would like another Picture Card, you must submit another request. The fee will be $5. 

If I lose my Picture Card, will my replacement card have my personalized design?

No. You must submit another picture image. A $5 fee will apply. 

Can I order a new card using this system if my card was lost or stolen?

No. This service is not intended to replace a lost or stolen card. Report a lost or stolen card to 800-767-8880. 

If I'm notified that my card has been compromised, when my card is reissued, will it have the same photo as the card that was compromised?

No, cards that have been part of a large scale compromise are processed by an outside vendor that is only able to issue cards on the Credit Union's standard stock. If you'd like another Picture Card, you will need to submit another request. 

To agree to the terms and create your Picture Card, go to