Online Banking

Finance Works

FinanceWorks™ combines the best of financial management applications with the best of online banking, transforming EXPRESSnet into a powerful financial hub.

FinanceWorks lets you manage all your accounts from every financial institution from one convenient place. You can track spending, create a comprehensive bill list, get organized for tax time, and more. All FREE of charge! Sign up and get started today!

Finance Works
  • Special FREE service for First Community members
  • Control your finances from one secure, easy to use hub
  • Manage ALL of your accounts, regardless of financial institution
  • Manage all your bills from within EXPRESSnet
  • Automatically creates a comprehensive bill list
  • Track Spending allows you to control spending and save more money
  • Create a monthly budget with spending goals and track against it
  • Create a Projected Balance
  • Use the Tax Watch feature to track tax deductible expenses
  • Net Worth Calculator lets you add properties and assets to get a complete picture of your worth
  • Keep your small business income and expenses separated from your personal transactions